Tourers appreciate the Kitzbühel Alps for their attractive variety of largely untouched routes, challenging climbs and breathtakingly beautiful peaks with almost endless panoramic views. In the middle is the Mittersill-Hollersbach-Stuhlfelden region on the Salzburg side, itself the starting point for numerous tours and directly linked to many other exciting alpine experiences. One of the most attractive highlights for experienced mountaineers is the ski tour on the Schützkogel, which makes this imposing rock giant come alive in two versions.

Ascent to the Schützkogel from Jochberg

Perhaps the most famous and at the same time somewhat longer variant of this ski tour in the Kitzbühel Alps begins directly in Jochberg. At the lift parking lot, you first go down to Jochbacher Ache and up to the Taxerkapelle before you have to strap on your skis. Now the meadows or alpine paths towards Taxenalm want to be tackled. In front of the Waldhausalm there is a swivel eastwards to climb over moderately steep meadows and forest aisles past the Schützalm to the northwest ridge. Another moderately steep ridge now leads south-east to the summit cross. On the rather steep western slopes of the Schützalm, an enjoyable descent rounds off this ski tour on the Schützkogel.

Ascent over the Sintersbachgraben

While the Jochberg variant is dealt with in four hours, this tour, which starts at the entrance to the Sintersbachgraben, can be completed in around half an hour faster. After a first ascent by foot into the ditch, the skis are required on the Almweg. In the direction of the Wildalm it goes over wide meadows, then various hollows and steep slopes follow the summer path. After the Luegeggalm, a steep ridge with a similarly tricky further hollow has to be overcome before the saddle leads between the two peaks over a cornice to the summit cross. Return on the same route.

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