History and beers in the hotel with brewery in mittersill

The Bräurup brewed beers from 1681 to 1917

Rupert Schwaiger, Zell am See-based brewer and our great-great-great-grandfather, bought the then Altherrisches Schwertlgut Bräuanwesen in 1823. He brewed very good beer during this time making the brewery inn very popular with locals. Instead of Schwertlgut, they soon said “Let’s go to the Brauer Rupert (Brewer Rupert)” and, eventually, “Let’s go to the Bräu Rup.” That’s how “Bräurup”, the name of our hotel with brewery in Mittersill, originated. As the economic situation made it harder and harder to buy good raw materials, brewing came to a halt in 1917.


Comeback of the hotel with brewery

89 years later, in 2006, we decided to take up brewing again and established a small house brewery. Our adjoining house, the “Gasthaus zum Stiegler”, was completely demolished, rebuilt and connected to the Bräurup. The result: eleven new rooms, 85 m² massage and beauty oasis, and the house brewery. The centrepiece of our Pinzgau-based brewery is our brand-new three-machine brewhouse for 300 litres.


With this facility we brew mainly for our hotel and restaurant:



 An unstrained, cellar-clouded Märzen beer with approx. 12 °C wort


 An unstrained, yeast-clouded wheat beer with approx. 13 °C wort


And special seasonal types:

Bock beer, naturally clouded dark beer, blueberry beer, wheat bock beer, spelt beer, rye beer, light wheat beer, dark wheat beer, and the Mittersiller Stadtbräu!


Fermentation, maturation and storing occurs in the fermenting cellar. The beer runs directly from the storage tank to the bar tap via a newly installed pipe.


Subsequently, both main types of beer and the special beers are filled into one-litre or two-litre bottles and sold. Five-litre party barrels, ten-litre and 25-litre barrels with tap on the side, or 50-litre barrels with flow cooler are available for parties, garden parties or festivities.


See you soon for a beer from our brewery in Mittersill.
Cheers. Matthias and Helene Gassner


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