Tradition is made tangible at Bräurup. Fascinating treasures from bygone days can be found in every corner, which have accompanied our house for several decades, even centuries. Again and again we ask selected beauties from the many mysterious nooks and crannies of the hotel. This time we are devoting ourselves to an imperial memento and a thoroughly enigmatic figure.

The Kaiser portrait

Emperor Franz Josef portrait

This picture shows a portrait of our Emperor Franz Joseph I on his 60th anniversary in government. The golden eagle bears the inscription “Viribus Unitis” in the middle. This was the motto of our emperor and translated means “with united forces”. Said saying also adorned the first battleship of the Tegetthoff class of the Austro-Hungarian Navy. The ship began its service in the Austro-Hungarian Navy on October 5, 1912 and was sunk by Italian combat swimmers at the end of the First World War on November 1, 1918 in order to be commissioned by the navy of the new Kingdom of the Serbs, Croatia and Slovenia impede. With his term of office of almost 68 years, Franz Joseph I surpassed every other regent of his time. In our time only Queen Elizabeth II can boast a comparably long term of office, up to now 66 years.

Standing child

Figure standing child

This beautiful figure in a glass shrine still puzzles us today. We suspect that this figure comes from the 18. or 19th century, made in a monastery and sold to or given away to Bräurup. However, it would also be possible to manufacture them in the wax drawing room in Salzburg, which was producing such figures at that time. This figure, known as the “standing child”, used to be a kind of family member. It stayed in its place all year long because all the joys and worries were told to it. Here in the Bräurup it is still in the same place today and watches over our guests.

Perhaps you know more about the “standing child” and can help us to better evaluate these mysterious treasures. We look forward to a e-mail or, of course, a little visit!