The Hohe Tauern National Park is one of the most beautiful and certainly most important nature reserves in all of Europe. It is home to the highest elevation in the country in the form of the Grossglockner, 266 other three-thousand-meter peaks, impressive natural sites and an incomparable biodiversity. Would you like to experience this extraordinary protected area in the Alps up close? Then we recommend a trip to the Mittersill National Park Center.

In ten stations through the national park

The Mittersill National Park Worlds compress the entire park into ten exciting and varied adventure stations. It almost feels like you are going on a short hike through the protected area. The individual natural spaces bring you closer to flora and fauna. One of the highlights of the center is the eagle flight panorama. When walking around the visitor gallery with large-screen monitors and film sequences, it almost feels as if you are gliding like a bird over the roof of the Austrian Alps.

Panoramas and galleries

There are so many wonderful places, spaces and experiences in the entire Mittersill National Park Center. The 360 ° National Park World is one of our personal favorites. An exciting film makes the protected area tangible – projected onto a curved, expansive screen. In the mountain forest gallery, mighty tree trunks form a gallery of a different kind, accompanied by forest noises, animal sounds and exciting information. In the Avalanche Waterfall Dome, a quiet mountain lake gradually turns into a raging waterfall before it freezes and turns into ice.

These are just a few of the many highlights that invite you to repeat visits to the National Park Worlds – in the immediate vicinity of your cozy 4-star Hotel Bräurup in the heart of Mittersill! The best thing to do is to claim it today non-binding vacation offer for this and other spectacular nature experiences.

Copyright photo: Hohe Tauern National Park Center / Franz Reifmüller