For many, summer is the best time of year to go Fishing. When the weather is wonderful, it’s even more fun, it comes even something like a holiday feeling. The warm season reveals so some pitfalls. Fair-weather fishing is a fine thing, but in fact it has been for a long time nothing everything. Experienced anglers in particular know that you have to be inventive. The Bräurup experts have valuable tips for fishing in summer for you collected.

Day or night

The right time of day for the fishing experience can become a question of faith. Most of them can be opened in early summer You can actually fish (predatory) fish throughout the day without any problems. Ever On the other hand, the hotter it gets, the more the window shifts to the cooler one Phases. In midsummer you should either be early in the morning or Move out towards evening and night. When dusk falls, it rises There is enormous activity in the water, with great activity often beginning in the dark Forage hunting. Catfish and pikeperch in particular come close to the shore.

The right bait

While we’re on our appetite: we are allowed in the summer the baits like to be a bit lush. Because of the higher temperatures are the water dwellers are much more active and eat more food. Correspondingly rich, significantly larger baits attract them successfully. For carp approaching the surface, insects and are suitable Swim bread the best.

Tips for the lake & river

The key to a good fishing experience is this right place. Due to the high temperatures, fish are mostly looking for places with a higher oxygen content. On rivers these are mostly flat, good flooded places. If possible, find places where it is cool Water flows in from springs or streams. Even when sea fishing you are with shallower ones Places and shady spots are well advised. Plus there is good plant growth is an indicator of proper oxygenation. Romp here also a lot of fish.

The perfect hotel for fishing in summer is of course Hotel Bräurup in Mittersill in the Salzburg region. Huge fishing water, guiding offers and top advice in the Bräurup Fischer Shop leave nothing to be desired. We are happy to take yours non-binding vacation request opposite!

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