Christmas, the time of mulled wine and roasted almonds. Although, always only mulled wine, that can get a bit boring over time. In the meantime, the Christmas beer has become a fixture in Austria. Various types, specially brewed for the Christmas and/or Advent season, available in limited quantities, with special designs and extraordinary flavors – Christmas beer is not only a highlight for beer fans every year. But where does this tradition actually come from? And what does the festive beer taste like?

From Viking drink to orange and cinnamon brew

The classic Christmas goat is of course well known to beer drinkers, but in fact the tradition of brewing beer specialties for special occasions is much older. Even the Vikings brewed shortly before Christmas in honor of the winter solstice. Scandinavia adapted this tradition early on, Austria followed suit a little later, but has been involved with enthusiasm and – of course – taste ever since.

Speaking of taste: Of course, there are classic-tasting beers for the festive season that differ primarily in name and design from the beers that are available all year round. As a rule, the typical Christmas beer is tasty, strong, expressive and has a slightly higher alcohol content in order to do justice to the cold temperatures. In addition to spicy, smoky and sweet notes, special aromas are increasingly being used. Typical Christmas notes, including orange, aniseed, cinnamon, cardamom and cloves, but also (dark) chocolate, caramel and vanilla caress the palate.

The Christmas beer from our brewery in Mittersill

Life is good where beer is brewed: Of course, our own winter beer matures in our hotel’s own brewery. Throughout November we make a dark lager with a light caramel-chocolate note. Our winter noble beer will be available for sale in one-liter bottles from December 15 and will also be served openly in the Bräurup restaurant.

Combine your wintry beer enjoyment with a stay in our hotel in an alpine location for skiing and cross-country skiing fans! We look forward to your non-binding inquiry . Bottom up!

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