The days are getting shorter, fog and dampness are in the air, the first frost announces itself: Autumn gives peace after a hot, lively summer, awakens the desire for warmth and coziness. This is expressed, among other things, in the cuisine, which is much richer and more substantial. Naturally, beverages also adapt to the new conditions: A good fall beer underscores the change of season in a tasty, invigorating way. The right beer for autumn is of course also brewed in our brewery in Mittersill.

What characterizes a typical autumn beer?

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then beer taste is … The beery variety knows how to delight every palate, and so there is not just one, single autumn beer, but a wealth of taste worlds that know how to flatter all preferences. The autumnal beer enjoyment is correspondingly broad. Among other factors, the following resonate:

  • Alcohol content: High-proof warms in the transitional period. Some fall beers achieve their character through alcohol content alone, like the classic Urbock.
  • Aroma: Bitter hops, earthy tones, a hint of harvest and farmer’s autumn: the craft beer trend has opened up exciting autumnal aroma worlds in recent years.
  • Milde: Of course, the fall trend also goes in the other direction. Mild beers improve well-being and relax.
  • Longing: Is summer perhaps missing after all? Is the last vacation longed for? Fruity beers are currently on the rise in the fall. Spicy flavors also emphasize the here and now.

Our autumn beer for the Mittersill Strudelfest

At our in-house Bräurup brewery, autumn doesn’t just pass by either, of course. Autumn beer has long been a tradition with us and is celebrated year after year when the nights get longer and the leaves more colorful. Also this year we present our noble, drinkable drop just in time for the Mittersiller Strudelfest. Strudel – just a little spicier – and beer, it just fits!

Discover new worlds of taste as well as the beautiful, exceedingly colorful nature of the Hohe Tauern National Park Region on an autumnal Bräurup vacation – we will be happy to provide you with a non-binding offer!

Copyright Photo: unsplash/Gerrie van der Walt