There are many possibilities of the wide fishing area to explore around the Bräurup. Provide various types of fish and bodies of water different requirements for technology and equipment. Every fishing spot is thus an experience in itself, and this is especially true for belly boat fishing. Tips and tricks from professionals are added as a bonus – your Bräurup experts know how to fish best and would be happy to advise you personally.

Fishing with the belly boat

In fact, there isn’t just one boat but three different shapes: ring (O-shape), catamaran (with two stable plastic floats) and the U-shape. Such a belly boat can do it all go into the money, that’s why we recommend the cheap loan offers from Flyshop Bräurup. It is ideal at the Hollersbach reservoir and at the Finkausee, whereby you can reach inaccessible spots in the lake with the fly rod even from the shore can be. You sit down in this boat, which is open below, and are almost silently on the move. This almost noiseless approach increases at the same time the catching success is enormous. A little practice is required, however, because at the beginning it is get pretty shaky.

You need that for Belly boat fishing

You won’t get very far without the right equipment. In addition to the boat – brought or borrowed – waders, wading boots with fins and life jackets should not be missing. The fin size depends on the body of water. A small anchor of one to two kilos can be quite helpful, especially in windy conditions. Also, always have a pump for car tires and a repair kit with you just in case. Now you have to pack your own fishing equipment around rod, hook and bait, and you’re ready to go!

Your Bräurup experts will of course know the best tips for fishing with a belly boat. We are currently advising you in our Fisherman shop in all questions about equipment, boats and waters. Nothing stands in the way of an inspiring fishing holiday – you already have one non-binding offer requested

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