Many, many guests pass by our large wall mirror across from the reception desk day after day. They admire him and wonder what it is all about. In fact, its fascinating history, which has even been written down in some books, can be traced back to late 19th century Vienna. A great ancestress plays an important role in it.

Maria Schwaiger and the Splendid mirror

Mirror, mirror on the bräurup wall...

It happened that the “Bräuruperin” Maria Schwaiger, as a confidant of the imperial family, visited the burial place of Archduchess Sophie in the Capuchin crypt in Vienna after her death. She then went for a stroll around town, looked at the displays and promptly fell in love with a splendid mirror in a luxurious mirror store.

Dressed in Pinzgau costume with an umbrella under her arm, she entered the store and asked how much this mirror should cost. Disparagingly, the saleswoman eyed the “provincial” and said, “This mirror is too expensive, you certainly can’t buy it!”

The “Bräuruperin” promptly reacted with anger and hatred, and hit the mirror with her umbrella with full force until it broke into a thousand shards. So she replied to the saleswoman: “Now I guess you’ll know how much it costs, gel.”

The “provincial” paid thus the broken mirror and acquired still another new splendor mirror, which the saleswoman sold to her without “if and but” gladly and let deliver to Mittersill. This still hangs in the Bräurup ground floor.

Experience history up close

Even today people like to tell this often written story and admire the mirror anew every time. As well as many other great finds, which are closely related to the illustrious Family Chronicle are connected. We would be happy to show you these and other highlights on your next visit – do you already have one non-binding vacation offer requested?

Maria Schwaiger ” the famous brewer’s wife”.