Driving a pump track is currently one of the largestMTB trends. This special discipline improves the driving experience and has long beenmore than just a small warm-up program for big trails. Meanwhile there areeven a separate racing series for pump track drivers, and this is on the 10th and 10thMay 11th near the station near Bräurup. At the Red Bull Pump Track Qualifier inMittersill finds the Austria-wide qualification for the world championshipheld in autumn. Reason enough to take a look at this spectacular sportto throw!

Get off the pedals

Who at the Red Bull Pump Track World Championshipwants to take part, has to master this sport properly. But what isDo you actually ride a pump track? This special discipline unites mountain bikersof all kinds, whether downhill, BMX or trail. The aim is to have a course – theso-called pump track – to be completed without pedaling.Speed is only built up by pushing the body up (pumping).Waves, banked curves and jumps form tricky obstacles and leavemaster yourself only with practice.


Many bikers appreciate the new pump track inMittersill, which only opened on August 31, 2018. In PUMP’N’SKILLS PARKA 120 m long asphalt pump track awaits, which is also equipped with inline skates, rollersand skateboards can be tackled. The undulating, troubled terrainhaving tricky corners allows quick wins to the qualifiersuccessfully mastered, but needs to be trained hard. FurtherAttractions such as the obstacle-filled skills track and the adrenaline-charged jumpTrack and the beginner-friendly children’s trail round out the attractiveMittersills’ pump offer.

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Copyright photo: pixabay.com/3dman_eu