Hotel Bräurup Cashback Card

Did you know that we at Bräurup have a Have a customer card with which you can really save money? As cashback As a guest of our hotels, we offer you attractive benefits as a card partner every stay and purchase that is converted into cash. More Holiday enjoyment is not possible!

Our cashback offer

It works very simply: you can either sign up online at , on our website or register directly with us at reception free of charge. From your first stay at the Hotel Bräurup or Hotel Heitzmann, you will receive up to 5% cashback on your account. Whether in a restaurant, fisherman’s shop, when buying beer or in a hotel, shopping points are credited to you with every purchase, which are then converted into cash.

Be smart – all around the globe

Another attractive advantage: The Cashback Card is valid with all partners worldwide. An app with its own back office is available for you to manage and redeem your shopping points free of charge. Convince yourself of the variety of offers of the thousands of partner companies of Cashback World cbw.t O . In this sense: Be smart, shop clever.

The Bräurup team will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the cashback offer and is already looking forward to welcoming you to an exciting stay soon. Let us have yours today non-binding vacation request age get!