The diverse slopes around our hotelBräurup promise wonderful alpine enjoyment, but also apart from the marked onesDownhill runs are quite lively. Ski tourers appreciate the smallbut fine offer of the region with mostly easy to moderately difficult challengesaway from paved slopes. We can offer you a ski tour on the Resterhöheparticularly recommend!

On the Resterhöhe at the passThurn

The Resterhöhe in Mittersill is one of themdiverse mountains of the Kitzbühel Alps and is located directly on the Thurn Pass.The snow groomer drivers wait here with the at least until 7 p.m. every dayPrepare the departures for the next day so that you can easily andcan enjoy this special tour undisturbed.

It starts at the parking lot of the chair liftResterhöhe. Attack slope no. 70 and keep straightwhile the ski is in operation, always at the very edge of the descentavoid dangerous incidents. About alternating steep and flatTerrain you march towards the Moseralm. Once there, it willTerrain much more comfortable. Below the Resterhöhe it goes to the new oneReservoir and from there on to the summit at 1,774 mThe valley is via slope no.70.

For this overall easy to medium difficultyTour over approx. 2 km and 500 meters in altitude should take you one and a half to two hourstake into account.

More ski tours inMittersill

The ski tour to the Resterhöhe is far and awaynot the only alpine excursion in the large winter sports areaMittersill-Hollersbach-Stuhlfelden. We can also offer you the following toursrecommend:

  • Pihapper via Berghof inHollersbach
  • Schützkogel from Jochberg
  • Glossy dishes
  • Schusterkogel or HohePenhab in the neighboring Glemmtal

These and other ski tour highlights know how to inspire Bräurup guests. All that is missing for an alpine adventure is yours non-binding holiday inquiry!

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