Our Bräurup team gives us great pleasure. Here inpicturesque Mittersill, we are like a small family, and that’s how it fills uswith sadness when part of it leaves us. Our very popular housekeeperLuja will retire in May. We look forward to you and remain with a laughingand a crying eye back.

Housekeeper Luja with her team

The happy nature on allLevels of order

You never notice her age at Luja. Asold do you want to know? So please, you don’t ask a lady that!For three and a half years, she and her team ensured order and cleanliness in thewhole house before she will leave in May. Then it goes for the happy natureback to her home country of Bosnia, where her husband and family are alreadyeagerly await. We thank Luja for the good work and wishesonly the best for her for the future. See you soon!

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