BauernherbstFrom the end of August to the beginning of November, a kind of fifth season keeps the entire Salzburg region in suspense. The Harvest Festival 2019 inspires with around 2,000 events in 72 locations, naturally spread across all regions. The focus is on rural life in all its facets. Old crafts, culinary specialties and the best entertainment between dance music, Hoagaschtn and farmers’ market are on the plan. Of course, the Harvest Festival also stops in Mittersill-Hollersbach-Stuhlfelden with the following highlights.

MittersillerStrudel proof

The best doesn’t necessarily have to come at the end.On the contrary, because the Bauernherbst in Mittersill comes along with youabsolute highlight going on! The Mittersiller rises on September 1stStrudel proof. As the name suggests, it’s special heretasty in front of you. From 11 a.m. the back alley and theLebzettergasse into culinary delicacies, if more than 20 different onesStrudel variants want to be tasted. From the sweet classics with appleand curd cheese, traditional home cooking and idiosyncratic creationseverything included. Musical accompaniment and a fun children’s programBouncy castles round off the event.

HollersbacherFarmers market

The farmer’s market is a must during the Harvest Festival inHollersbach and is already in its 37th edition this year. On October 6th, from 11Watch folk culture and customs celebrated with a highly exciting and extremelyvaried supporting program, which is currently still being worked on. And howas it should be for the farmers market, there are all kinds of delicacies,Proven specialties and the finest handicrafts from the farms in the region tooto buy.

Free entry to theLocal museums

In addition to these and many other events in theSalzburger Land, the Hohe Tauern National Park region is waiting for you with a wholespecial treats for its visitors. This is how the local museums open in thePlaces Taxenbach, Kaprun, Uttendorf and – of course – Mittersill their gatesfor free. It has never been so easy, relaxed, and fascinatingto discover and experience the rural and rural culture of the region.

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