Again and again we take a look back at the history of our house and our region in our blog. This time we dedicate ourselves to the history of the name “Bräurup” and shed light on why our hotel is called as it is today.

The Schwertlgut in the Venice of the Pinzgau region

In 1823 Rupert Schwaiger bought and ran what was then Altherrische Schwertlgut Bräuanwesen together with his wife Katharina. He brewed a very good beer for this time and was very respected by the population. The brewery Gasthof was always well attended, Mittersill on the move.

At this time, Ignaz Ritter von Kürsinger, one of the most important caretakers in the area, was particularly vigorous about the construction of the Salzach dam. The so-called Kürsingerdamm between Hollersbach and Mittersill was supposed to save the lower-lying village from repeated floods, which also earned it the nickname “Venice of Pinzgau”.

Bräurup: A name from Kürsinger’s environment

Kürsinger himself is one of the iconic figures of the region and was made an honorary citizen of Mittersill in 1841. Before that, on September 3, 1841, he and 26 other men carried out the first ascent of the Großvenediger, which laid the foundation for regional tourism. When he had the first refuge built in Obersulzbachtal in 1842, not far from today’s Kürsingerhütte, the locals and workers kept saying: “Let’s go to the Rupert brewer”, later “Let’s go to the Rupert brewery” for a beer. Since this was accepted very positively by the innkeepers and the old swords were forgotten more and more, over the years the name “Bräurup” was derived from it.

Closure and renaissance of the brewery

The “Bräurup” was run as a brewery until 1916, but then had to be sold to the Kaltenhausen brewery due to a lack of raw materials due to the war. This closed all the smaller breweries it had bought in order to relocate the entire production to Hallein.

Today the inn from back then has become a large 4-star hotel in one of the most beautiful tourist areas in Austria. For twelve years there has been its own brewery again, which is now run by Mr Gassner, head of the house, as a beer brewer and certified beer sommelier. To do this, he refers to an old beer-making tradition that goes back to 1681.

The interesting history of our house can be seen everywhere, also online: You will find the matching on our homepage Chronicle of the Gassner family . Visit our historic hotel with modern amenities – we look forward to yours non-binding vacation request !