So hides behind the walls of our housesome treasures just waiting to be finally discovered. Again and againwe come across magnificent finds that pose many a riddle. Also theSide saddle, our find of the month, allows some guesswork. Since theAristocracy “phased out” such saddles after the end of the First World War,we suspect that it was a gift from the Austrian imperial courtacts. But what actually is a side saddle?

Historical side saddle in the Hotel Bräurup

A saddle especially fornoble women

The development of this truly special modelprobably goes back to the 14th century, when noble women took the sideSeat – already appeared in antiquity – appropriated. There were no suitable saddleshowever and had to be developed first. The Sambue, one of the firstSpecimens, was padded with straw. The riding cushion with backrest and footrestonly allowed an unsteady cross seat to the horse.

The side saddle became more and more comfortable and safer.So it was already possible in modern times to put the right leg over theTo hit the saddle pommel and to rest in the stirrup instead of a footrest –an absolute benefit, especially with longer skirts. The pommel gave way around 1580finally a fork with two horns. This innovation on the FrenchKönigshof, the so-called fork saddle, further improved the seat andmade it possible to hunt as well as to jump over smaller obstacles.

So many vacation treasures

It is always exciting to wander through the Bräurup, because there is still a lot to discover from the old days. Many finds are closely related to the Family chronicle connected, other surprises are sure to come to light. Discover fascinating things from bygone days in a historic house with all modern conveniences and gripping experiences in one of the most beautiful holiday regions in the Salzburg region – we are already looking forward to yours non-binding request !