You don’t have to open your eyes wide to see the history and tradition that flow through the old walls of the Bräurup. On every corner you can find treasures from bygone times, which in our opinion are given far too little attention. We invite you on a journey back in time together. Rediscover the Bräurup and the beautiful Pinzgau with us. This time we will present you with finds from our cupboards on the upper floors.

Maria Scharler’s inventory list

Maria Scharlers Inventarliste im Hotel BräurupOur first cabinet find shows an inventory list from 1902, kept by Maria Scharler. At that time, this cabinet was still in the Ledererwirt inn in Bramberg in Oberpinzgau and was probably bought or exchanged at Bräurup. As you can see, in the early 19th century, too, an inventory, a review of the assets, was just as inevitable as it is today. The term “guest room” was common at the time. Back then, guests were simply strangers who were given accommodation for a fee, as tourism as we know it today was not yet common. Modern bourgeois tourism began at the beginning of the 19th century, before travel was mostly reserved for the nobility.

Figures of Mary with prayer

Marienfiguren im Gebet im Hotel BräurupThe second picture shows two figures of Mary in gold leaf with a prayer:

Prayer against unclean temptation.
Through your holy virginity and immaculate conception
You purest Virgin Mary, purify my heart and body
In the name of God the Father and the Son and St. Mind
Jesus child who is kept and venerated in the royal s.Clara order in Vienna.

As we suspect, this picture is from the 17th century. At that time it was customary to show one’s devotion to the saint with relics of this kind. This cabinet was probably formerly owned by the Royal Order of Saint Clara in Vienna. And then came to us in Bräurup under previously unknown circumstances.

You are more than welcome to help us evaluate these treasures better. Send us a E-mail, if you know more about these finds, or just visit us – we look forward to hearing from you non-binding holiday inquiry!