The Bräurup has been known for its excellent beer culture and fine brewery for centuries – our name is no coincidence. In addition to various seasonal specials, we mainly brew a Märzen beer and a wheat beer for our guest house in our brewery in Pinzgau. But what is the difference between Märzen and wheat? We’d love to tell you that.

Depends on the type of fermentationit on

Beer is not just beer, that goes without sayingof course by itself. To tell the difference between these two varieties tooTo clarify, we will first dedicate ourselves to the type of fermentation, which is closely related to theFermentation temperature and two different yeast strains. Correspondinga distinction is made between two types of beer:

  • Bottom-fermented beer: The cold fermentation temperatures are between8 and 12 ° C, the yeast strain sits on the bottom and sends fermentation by-productsabove. This is the case with lagers and Märzen beers, among other things.
  • Top-fermented beer: Here the master brewer works with higherTemperatures (18-22 ° C) and a yeast strain sitting on top. Sink accordinglyall fermentation by-products on the ground. All fall into this categoryWheat beers.

Märzenbier – what is it?

Time to take a closer look at oursBeers in the Bräurup brewery. The light yellow Märzenbier has aOriginal wort of at least 11 ° C. Mild bitter notes from the hops andbalanced malt notes tickle the palate. In Austria around 80% warehouseand march beers sold. Our unfiltered, cellar cloudy and at 12 ° CFermented barley juice shines with approx. 12 ° C original wort.

What is wheat beer?

Between 11 and 13 ° C original wort, the malt used for wheat beers must consist of at least 50% wheat, hence the name. They are refreshing and rich in carbonic acid, but less bitter due to the weaker hops. With us you can enjoy unfiltered, cloudy wheat (fermented at 18-22 ° C) with 12.5-12.8 ° C original wort, bright color and fine taste. It is said that all theory is gray. The best way to fully experience the difference between Märzen and Wheat is through your own taste buds. Taste your way through our varied beer menu and combine the enjoyment of high-quality barley juice with a short Bräurup vacation. We would be happy to create one for you non-binding vacation offer !

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